Since reopening our stores in May. I have been holding a regular morning, zoom meeting. To connect with my team, and kick off the day.

Something I have been asking everyone each morning is, what are they wearing on their feet?

And more importantly, what made them choose those to wear?

With a shop full of shoes to pick from. It might interest you, to see which ones they reach for? When they are busy on their feet all day.

All my team have their own style. Different taste. Different personalities.

But they share one common trait. No tolerance for discomfort.

If it does not feel good. They won't wear something. Simple.

So what boot has been showing up on their tootsies, more than any other?

Well you could be forgiven for walking past these. Without a second glance. They are unassuming little numbers, until you try them on.

What is so special about them?

It seems the heel is the key. Just high enough to look nice, but still really comfortable. The perfect height to look good, while still being wearable.

So they can run around all day.

A little Padded underfoot. So they work well on hard floors.

They all say they are "easy to wear". Versatile. You can "dress em up" or "dress em down" style of boot.

And warm apparently.

Now they say you should judge people on what they do, not what they say. Actions speak louder than words and all that.

So if you want to see what my team, is loving wearing.

What they actually wear, not just what they might say they like...

Click here

Yours "don't take my word for it, take theirs",

Serge Dawson


P.S. I received this email recently, from a disappointed client.

"Dear Serge

I enjoy reading your emails and stories but I'd like to offer some feedback if I may.

Everything you have sent in the past months has included a link to a shoe that is dowdy, ugly and for casual wear.

Do you have anything you can highlight that offers both comfort and style, suitable for those of us who have to wear 'professional dress'?

Kind regards


Putting aside her sneaky trick of opening with a compliment, then swinging with a sucker punch. You might say she has a point. I have been banging on a lot about "casual" shoes.

But I figure dowdy & ugly, is all in the eye of the beholder. Because one thing I have learned about looks.

Is confidence determines class, more than anything else.

Two clients can try on the same shoe. And one thinks they look great, and the other not so.

Of course some things will suit you, that won't suit others. But sometimes our own pre formed opinions, block us as well. I have lost count of the time I have stood with a client, who I thought looked great, but they were not convinced. What they could see, did not match their own self image,

I have no idea what Client J will think of these?

BUT I do know this.

1. My mum positively hates it when I start a sentence with BUT. Not good grammar she scolds me.

2, My team members who wear these boots, are about as undowdy as you can get.