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When I was a kid, Hubba Bubba chewing gum was all the rage.
The ads on telly showed a couple of kid cowboys having a "gum" fight. 
On the street of an old western town.

If you are looking for something slim. Something slender. Something un big.
Here is an option from Beautiful Brazil. It is a little snug fitting slip on, that suits a narrower foot.
Now you might not be much interested in boxing. But if you want something to get your heart rate up? Get your blood pumping....

There is a certain type of person, who thinks it is fun to climb up and down mountains.

They can head off into the bush for the day. Knowing full well they are likely to feel very unpleasant at some point.

What is it that makes them think that might be fun?

Halt! Hang on a minute.

These are not for narrow tootsies.

If you have skinny feet? They wont work for you.

But if your feet are a little wider?

And you want something a little roomier?

Maybe a shoe with a bouncy spring. Nice padding underfoot. Comfort, to make you go mmm.

You might like these slip ons from Portugal.

When things are tough, it can be hard to look on the bright side of 
life. But what if your heart ache could help others? 

If you have ever wondered how you could leave a positive mark on the 
world? You might be interested in the story of James Freeman. 
Do you ever have trouble when the seasons change, trying to work out 
what to wear? 

One minute it is cool, the next it is warm. Sometimes all in the same 
day (or even same hour).
Can you imagine a pair of "not too dressy, not too casual, just right" slip on trainers?
What if they had "do up once" then set and forget laces?



Do you ever wish you had someone to help you get dressed? Tell you what to wear each day.

So you do not have to stand in front of your wardrobe in wonder. Waiting for inspiration to strike. Racking your brain for "what to wear!"

Imagine you had someone to crawl through your closet. Search through your shoe stack.

Someone to whip out the "perfect" get up for you each morning.

How would you like a secret to youthful looks? From the world's hottest Nana.

 According to the news this week 49 year old Gold Coast Granny Gina Stewart, has been rated the worlds hottest Nan.

Greatest granny.

With a gazillion social media followers, Gina is instafamous for her racy swimsuit pics.

And she has just revealed a secret to her hot, hot looks.

If you have ever wondered how to keep a flock of 13 year old girls entertained? I have an unlikely answer.

Put them up a tree.

I spent Sunday afternoon with a bunch of tweenagers. Swinging from the tree tops of Cumberland State Forest.

When Welsh Diva Shirley Bassey was a teenager. All she wanted to do was travel.

Get out of Cardiff. See the world.

She never imagined singing, would be her spring board.

After dropping out of school at 14, she scored her first serious gig two years latter.

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