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Back in the European summer of 2002, I was perched in the back of a
black cab in Belfast Ireland. The cabbie was regaling me with stories of
his home town.

Put on a jumper, I used to berate my kids. Stay warm! Do not get cold. Or you will get sick!

I was thinking about that, while I sat hunched up an ice bath on the weekend.

There is a farmers Market near my office in Hornsby every Thursday. With a stall that draws me in like a super charged magnet. Sucks me over. Does its darndest to bend my will.
What has comfy support? Gives you a lift. Looks good. And comes in Navy?

Back in 1982 The Weather Girls belted out their famous chorus "its

raining men, hallelujah its raining men"

The Honey Badger is at it again.


Last time we glimpsed his golden locks, he was breaking hearts on the TV

show the Butchelor.

One of the great things about getting older.


Is you have seen more. Lived more.

What is hot, red and secksy?


Well definitely not these soft red slip ons.

Back in the late 1960's Tom Jones used to croon.... "What's new

pussycat? Whoa, Whoa, Whooooa, Whoa, oooh."

When I was a kid, Hubba Bubba chewing gum was all the rage.
The ads on telly showed a couple of kid cowboys having a "gum" fight. 
On the street of an old western town.

If you are looking for something slim. Something slender. Something un big.
Here is an option from Beautiful Brazil. It is a little snug fitting slip on, that suits a narrower foot.
Now you might not be much interested in boxing. But if you want something to get your heart rate up? Get your blood pumping....

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