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      I was standing by the counter in one of my stores last week, talking with a client.

      She had just bought a pair of boots, she really loved. And was telling me what an unexpected find they were. How excited she was to wear them.

      It got me thinking. How do some women have such success shopping for shoes?  

      You might finding hunting down the right pair, a frustrating, time consuming hassle?

      Well here are 4 things, I have noticed successful shoe shoppers do....

       1. Touch, do not just look

      If you find yourself standing there, scanning the store with your eyes, stop. So many shoes and boots look better on your feet, than on the shelf.

      As my dad Warwick used to say, "some shoes just do not have shelf appeal". You really have to try them on. To see how they change on your feet.

       2. Open to trying different colours

      With so many neutral colours around, it can be hard to know what colours to put together. And it is really tough to work it out, by staring at shoes on a shelf.

      When you stop trying to picture things in your head. And try them on instead. You might be surprised how many colours work together. That you would not have expected.

       3. Give feedback out loud  

      In most stores, the sales assistants do not really care what you think. They just want you to buy something (anything!) and clear off.

      My team WANT to know what you are thinking. If you do not like something, tell them. So they can hunt around, for other options to show you.

      We get it. Sometimes you have to try on lots of different ideas, to find the right one. It is the best way to find what you want.

      The more feedback you give, the better your chance of success.

       4. Do not fixate on size

      Boots have to fit you in so many different places.

      Across the front of your foot, your heel, your ankle. It is a wonder you can find a pair to fit at all.

      It is why we have a whole heap of tricks we can show you, to create a good fit.

      And choosing a different size is just the beginning.

      Now a classic "easy to walk past and ignore" pair in our current season collection, is this shoe from Wirth.

      Made from a mix of neoprene and leather, which might sound crazy. But their comfort will have you smiling. And they really look better on than off.

      Click here for the link

      Yours "here's to surprises",

      Serge Dawson