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      A Favourite Combination Of Italian Fashion Billionaires

      Would you take fashion advice from this woman?

      Maria Bianchi is a former member of the Italian Communist Party, who graduated from Milan University with a PhD in Political Science.

      She also studied as a mime artist. And went on to perform as a mime for five years.

      Not your traditional path to becoming a "Fashionista".

      When she joined her family suitcase business back in 1978, the company had become a little sleepy and stagnant.

      In the 1980's, Maria changed her name to Miuccia Prada. And began introducing changes to the product mix of  the business started by her Granddad.

      Her first successful designs for Prada, were a collection of nylon weave hand bags.

      She then went on to create Prada's first ready-to-wear women's clothes.

      She called them "uniforms for the slightly disenfranchised."

      Despite no formal fashion training, she has taken the business on an incredible trajectory ever since.

      Boasting a couple of billion in sales these days. It seems her sharp eye for fashion, is only matched by her outstanding business brain.

      One of the keys to her success seems to be her reluctance to follow "fashion rules".

      And one rule she has loved to break consistently over the years is,"don't wear tan and black together".

      If you look back over the decades at her Prada collections. This is a combination, that has consistently been present. Black, with a wide range of browns.

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      Designed by another Italian (although at a slightly tastier price point to your average Prada). You can now stroll out in one of the Prada billionaire's favourite combo's.

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      Yours "Commies can have good fashion sense after all",

      Serge Dawson