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      A Not So Red Alternative

      First thing last Saturday morning, I hopped on a zoom meeting with my team.

      And something funny jumped out at us straight away.

      Everyone had something red on. Which we all had a laugh about.

      Because of course, not everyone likes red. In fact you might hate wearing it.

      It seems to be a colour people are divided on.

      So what else can you wear, if you want something to give you a lift?

      Well if red is to full on for you. You could try today's feature boot.

      Still full of life. This one seems to be an easy colour to wear with lots of things. You might be surprised how many different tones you can wear them with?

      The boots themselves are light as a feather. Or maybe a handful of feathers. Either way, they are much lighter than they look. And if they suit your feet, they fit like a glove. Soft and snug.

      The double zip helps. Makes them very easy to get into.

      With a fleecy lining they are warm and weatherproof.

      So if you would like something a little different. That is not too wild.

      They might be worth a try.

      Click her to see for yourself

      Yours "better red than dead",

      Serge Dawson