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      One of the problems, with red hot, smoken lurve. Is you need a little time, to make it happen.

      You can not rush it. You need patience. And persistence.

      A bit like boiling your morning cuppa. You need a few moments, to make the steam.

      What if there was a easier way. A quicker alternative. A time saving hack?

      When "50 shades of grey" sounds like to much work.  How about "50 shades of one"?

      For a longer lasting, luscious feeling. You might like to try these?

      I won't promise they will get you hot and bothered. But they will last and last. And they will keep your feet warm. Which is not a bad start right?

      Of course, your level of lurve for them. Will depend on your own taste. But my team swear by them.

      "Grey is good" they say.

      When my toughest critics, can not get enough. I know I am onto something hot.

      Click here to try a test run for yourself.

      Yours "maken the kettle whistle",

      Serge Dawson