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The secrets to finding a great pair of boots you’ll love

I was standing by the counter in one of my stores last week, talking to a grinning customer who had just bought a pair of boots she really loved.
She was telling me what an unexpected find they were. And how excited she was to wear them.

It got me thinking about what some people do really well when they shop (and probably in other parts of their life for that matter!).
Their the kind of people who are not left wondering “what if ?” or regretting “if only I...”.
When opportunities present themselves, they act on them.

And I realised there are five things I’ve noticed people like her do. Habits that mean they always seem to be able to find the boots they want.
Give these tips a try and you're sure to have more luck finding a pair of boots that work for you.

1. They don’t just stand there looking, they touch!
Don’t stand there trying to scan the whole store with your eyes.
So many boots look better on your feet, than they do on the shelf. You have to try them on! 
You can always take them off again if you don’t like them. We won't make you buy them!
Obvious right? But you’d be amazed how many people eliminate great options without trying them on.
I promise, the more you try on, the more you‘ll surprises yourself with boots you’ll like. And it’ll be more often than you’d expect.

2. They don’t fixate on a certain colour.
With so many metallics, neutral colours and floral prints around at the moment, it’s hard to know what colours to put together. You’ll never work it out by staring at the shelf, trying to picture those ankle boots in your head.
Be open to trying different colours together (try them on!). If you have an outfit, bring it in. You’ll find unexpected colours that work together. And often you wouldn’t have imagined they would.

3. They give feedback out loud (talking to yourself in your head, doesn’t count)
In most stores the sales person doesn’t really care what you think. They just want you to buy something (anything!) and clear off.
My sales team are different, they WANT to know what you are thinking.
If you don’t like something, tell them. Then they can look for other options to show you. 
They get it. You have to try on lots of different ideas to find the right one.
It's the only way to find what works for you.
We want you to make the right choice. So you’ll to be genuinely happy with your find. And you’ll want to come back and see us again and again.

4. They don’t fixate on their size
Long Boots, Mid Boots, Ankle Boots, they all have to fit you in so many different places!
Across the front of your foot, your heel, your ankle and your calf. It’s a wonder you can find a pair to fit at all to be honest.
That’s why we have a whole heap of tricks we can show you, to create a good fit. And choosing a different size is only just the beginning.

5. They don’t wait till it gets cold to buy boots.
So far we’ve sold more boots this season, than normal for this time of year.
It means good styles are already moving fast. And disappearing off the shelves.
If you wait too long you’ll miss out.
Ok I know what your thinking.
Your thinking “well you would say that wouldn’t you, your a shoe salesman!”
Of course I want to sell you things, but I also regularly deal with customers who are upset their size has gone so quickly. And that they left it to long. So don’t dawdle and miss out.
The planets are not going to align so you can find the perfect pair of boots.
But if you have a “crack” and follow these tips, you’ll be amazed at how much more success you’ll have.

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