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I was hunched over a notepad last week, surrounded by a teetering pile of shoe samples.
Busily scrawling notes on the stack of "hot" (so I thought anyway) styles in front of me.

You see I'm trying to sniff out something that will halt you in your tracks.
Shoes that will call out ... ..”oi, look at mio, look at moooi".

Because wearable "different" (as opposed to "kooky" different) is not easy to find.
So I'm constantly out hunting for next seasons winners.
And the agent I was meeting with, started to tell me a story.
He spilled the beans on a sneaky trick, that big shot retailers are using all the time.
A trick, that once you know it, will stop you from being ripped off by these dirty, cheating sneaks!
And it turns out this con job is being pulled on people a lot.

It's the "mark things up", so they can run a promotion and "mark them down" trick.

In his words, they over price, over inflate and just plain jack up the original price.
So they can mark the price down on "SALE", and still make a juicy profit.

They do it so it "looks" like your getting a great deal.
They are trying to con you into thinking, you are getting a bargain.

And the thing that really makes their bean counters rub their hands together with glee is this….

Often the "SALE" price is what the normal, "regular" price should normally be in the first place!

So you're not really saving any money.

Basically these dishonest sneaks, are always banging on about cheap prices.
And quality rarely gets a mention.

Because to sell "cheap" shoes (ie on SALE all the time) and still make money, something has to give. And you guessed it.... it's usually quality.

AND that's why you will see them always on "Sale". What seems like every other week!

So how I can I be so righteous?

Well, I am a bit old fashioned.

We only have two big SALES per year.

And when we go on Sale not everything is reduced.
Just a select group of end of run styles, last pairs and a few gems we uncover.

And they are all genuine, real reductions (not “fake” markdowns).

So you are saving real money and getting genuine quality.

Do want to get your hands on some of these real bargains?

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