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What does one of the oldest shoe makers in the world, still get right?

They never compromise on quality. Ever.

If you visit the Peter Kaiser shoe factory in Pirmasens Germany. The first thing you notice is how spotless the everything is.

The whole place is more like a flash showroom. Than a hub for making things.

Bright as a button. Neat as a pin.

If you are one of our many Peter Kaiser fans. You might like to know, your shoes go through 70 different pairs of hands. And are checked and tweaked at every point.

They take the whole "hand made" concept to a new level.

Their attention to detail is typically German.

They do not miss a thing.

Which is how they are able to make such high quality shoes. For over 175 years.

You could say they are fanatical. Which you will feel, when you slip on a pair.

From the premium materials they use. To the care they put into every shoe.

It is why boots like this stretchy, "mould to your feet", "just the right heel height to wear all day" pair, are such good value. Not cheap, but they will love you for years.

If you have always dreamed of being a kept woman. They will keep you in comfort. And style. For years to come.

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Yours "quality over quantity"

Serge Dawson

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