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How To Be The Friend That Gets It Right

One of the biggest challenges of shopping with friends. Is some really know what they want. What they like. What suits them.

When they give you advice, they do it from their perch. Their point of view. Which you might say, is fair enough.

But do they consider your taste? What suits you. What you feel comfortable in?

Can they see things from your point of view?

It is not so easy to put your own thoughts aside. Really see something, from someone else's spot.

This is something my team and I talk about a lot.

How do we stop our own tastes? Influencing what we show you.

We know from years of experience. The best way to really find something you will love. Be happy with. Feel good in. Is to try it on.

If you can keep an open mind. Not pass judgement, until you get it on your foot.

You have a far greater chance, to discover surprises that are just right.

Because when you put some shoes on, they come alive. Transform. Often look completely different.

A perfect example is this boot from Remonte.

It is a best seller for us. And easy to dismiss at first glance.

If you need a comfy, robust boot. That you can run around in all day.

Something warm and easy to wear. With a little detail to make it interesting. Without being over the top.

That is not just plain ol black.

It might surprise you, how good they make you feel.

Click here for for the link. With free shipping they might be worth a try.

Yours "looking better on than off",

Serge Dawson

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