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Back in 2002. I was sitting in the cramped office, of a small time travel agent. In a back alley in Damascus. Trying to book a flight back to Europe. So I could get back to London. And back to work.

I had been on the road for months. And my cash was almost gone.

It was time to get back to ol Blighty. And a paying job. To restock the bank balance.

Despite the enthusiastic help of an incredibly tenacious Syrian travel agent. It was proving harder than I hoped. Anywhere I could afford to fly (which was not many places), needed a visa. Which I did not have.

You might remember the days, when you had to "apply" to get travel visas? For pretty much everywhere. It took both time. And money. And I was flush with neither.

So we continued down the list. Trying to work out, where I could afford to fly? That would issue an Aussie a visa, at the border.

After a lot of head scratching, and back and forth. Finally success, Bulgaria was it.

I could fly to Sofia. And travel overland to Greece. Then get a ferry to Italy. Where I had a ticket to London. And back to work. Long winded, but doable. So off I went.

I still remember the shock of landing at the airport in Sofia. Climbing down the stairs of the plane, it was raining. And it was knee knocking cold.

Back in Syria, I had taken to sleeping on the rooftops of hostels. It was cheaper (and often cooler) than a room inside.

And here I was, aching for warmth.

It was the first rain I had seen in months. After the endless summer, I had been travelling through. I was woefully unprepared. I had literally no warm clothes. So the first thing I had to do was get my hands on some quick.

And for some reason, whenever the weather starts to turn. Starts to get cold. I remember back to those few days in Sofia. I flash right back to the cold and damp.

Now the weather is starting to cool down in Aus. Your feet might be feeling the cold? Yearning for warmth. Something snug?

You might be wishing, for some woolly foot warmers? Something that will make you feel good.

Like these boots from Kacper.

Made in Poland. There is something about Kacper shoes. That reminds me of my travels. Even though they have nothing at all, to do with that story.

Robust, yet still light weight. They might be perfect? If you struggle with the switch, from summer to chill.

With an easy zip, to slip on and off quick. You are welcome to try. And see for yourself.

They are available in store and online now.

Click here for the link

Yours "in warmth",

Serge Dawson

 P.S. There is a brief audio description of these boots you can listen to. Karen from my team recorded it and it is at the bottom of the product page. Just hit the green arrow to listen.

 P.P.S. You can find all our stores now reopened, from 10:00am till 4:00pm Monday to Saturday.

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