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How To Change The Way You Do It

One of the problems with getting fit.

Buffing your bod. Working your wonky bits.

Is you can really muck up your wardrobe.

It is all well and good to pop off to Pilates.

Bop into Boot Camp. Or swing into Spin Class.

But what happens when your power walking? Plumps up your muscles to much?

Gives you bulges, in places you do not really want.

Specifically your legs. Below the knees.

Yes we are talking about the ol well developed calf muscles.

Now you might love them. Or you might loath them.

But either way.

What happens when you try to slip your pins, into a nice pair of long boots?


How frustrating is it, when you can not do them up?

Because your legs wont fit.

Well relief is at hand.

I have a secret little hack.

Which means, you can still zip off to Zumba.

Still rock your muscly guns.

And still be able to wear the long boots you want.

Now this secret hack of mine is hard to explain.

You really need to see it in action.

Or even better.

Try it for yourself.

Lucky for you, I have taught all my team.

And they will show you free.

If you call in and try a pair of long boots.

Maybe some like these soft, suede sizzlers from Neo.

They even have an adjustable top zip.

That will give you a little extra wriggle room.

Just click this link. And grab yourself a pair online

Yours "why change your legs, when you can change the way you do it",

Serge Dawson

p.s. If for some reason, you can not get to any of my stores. And you would still like to know this "oh my goodness, I can not believe no one has shown me that before" zip up hack. The technique to allow you to get pretty much any long boot zipped up. Just send me an email to

I have had a whole stack of requests already. If I get a few more. I might do a video demonstration. Showing you what I am talking about. But I will only send it to those who ask. Everyone else will have to call into one of our stores, to find out.

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