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      How many voices, do your really need to hear?

      One way to decrease your stress and anxiety. And boost your happiness and contentness.

      Is to ruthlessly curate, what you let into your life.

      If you spurn the negative, push out the mean, and kick complainers to the kerb. You might feel more in control. Happier. Stronger. More content. And more empowered.

      Wise brains have long said, you become the sum of those around you.

      So if you surround yourself with a positive, uplifting crew. It might just give you a boost. Help you be more inspired. So you can tackle your day, with a little more positive energy.

      And of course the opposite is true. If you have circle, full of cranks and complainers. It is much harder, to get on the right foot and be happy.

      I write a lot of emails. Far to many, some say. And faaaar to long, say others. Which is fine. And why I welcome people to unsubscribe. If I am not for you? Swing to the bottom. Unsubscribe. Life is to short. To hang with those you are not interested in.

      I write to give you a boost. A different perspective. A chance to experience something new. Maybe something, you might not have considered.

      Of course I know you wont like everything.

      But sometimes you might be surprised. Uncover something you did not expect. That could make your day. In a way, you did not predict.

      Like these Italian boots from Gabrielle.

      With a warm, woolly lining. And a soft and smooth leather upper. They will shield you from the elements. Keep you snug beyond belief.

      If you are a "buy once, buy well" kind of shopper? They have a "love you long time" quality, that will last for years to come.

      Click here to see for yourself

      Yours "quality beats quantity",

      Serge Dawson