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Back in the early eighties. An Aussie comedian called George Smilovici, managed to knock the great Stevie Wonder off the number one spot in the music charts. With a recording of his comedy routine. Which basically revolved around a gag "I'm so tough!"

He would punch out all these one liners. About how tough he was.

Jokes like .... "I'm so tough, my rice bubbles are too scared to go snap, crackle and pop...

They just sit in the packet and go shhh, here he comes"

I remember having a copy of his recording on a 45" record. Which I would spin repeatedly after school. To my great amusement. And the annoyance of my mum.

I was remembering some of his jokes over the weekend. And it got me thinking how sometimes, it is the simple things, that just work the best.

It is funny how top comedians, seem to come across as natural story tellers. Their jokes seem to just roll, straight off their tongues.

You tend not to realise, all the hours they put in. To make a routine work. All you see is the finished product. Not the long nights of forehead slapping and paper scrunching, it takes to get there.

It is a bit like a well made pair of boots. You really have no idea how much effort goes into them. Half the important things, you will not even see.

What even makes something feel comfortable?

Well, like your mother might have told you. Especially if you where a bit of a rough looking kid, "It is what is on the inside that counts dear".

All the things you can not see, make all the difference. But let's face it. You probably do not really care. As long as you are comfortable. And look good.

But know this. We do care about the details. It must be high quality! Or it does not make the cut in our collections.

We put in the work, behind the scenes. So you do not have to worry.

It is why we can proudly sell boots like these little tough nuts, from Pikolinos.

If you need a robust boot, that will look and feel good?

You might like to give them a try. 

Here is the link.

Yours "I'm so tough I drink cordial... straight from the bottle"

Serge Dawson

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