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If you are chomping at the bit, for a chance to get out? Reconnect with your friends. Your special buddies.

With restrictions easing, you finally have an excuse. To catch up in person. And to get dressed up again, when you leave the house.

After so long in comfort clobber. Would it be nice to put on some "stepping out" gear?

Imagine this.... You arrive at your "get the girls together" catch up. In the same ol comfort gear, you slip on every day.

Those quick and easy clothes, you wear to the shops. Or your trusty ol active wear, you wear on your walks around the block.

What message are you sending your friends?

Are you saying "I made an effort for you?" or are you saying "this catch up, is just another stop in my busy day."

Sure your presence says, "I'm here, I care". But if actions speak louder than words. What you wear, can give off subtle cues.

Now you might say your true friends won't care. They certainly won't say anything to you.

But what subtle hints are you sending them? About how important they are in your life?

Would it make them feel good, to see you have made a little effort. To put on something nice, to come and see them?

Now "nice" is in the eye of the beholder.

But effort is obvious.

It shows in how you put yourself together.

If you want to add a little zing to your outfit? Without looking overdressed.

You might want a small heel? Not too high, but not too low. Just right.

Just enough to give you that uplifting feeling. Yet wearable, so you can still walk comfortably. And stand around in comfort.

You want them to feel soft. Supportive. Smart. And you want those boots to say, "I am making an effort". In an understated kind of way.

So if you think a little effort. Goes a long way. Helps you feel good. Gives your confidence a boost.

You might like to give these a try....

My team say they look great with black, red, navy, almost any colour. An easy colour to wear. That goes with lots of things.

And because they are cut, a little higher up your leg. They tell me they do not make your ankles look big. They are faltering, no matter what your leg shape.

Click here to try them yourself.

Yours "making an effort",

Serge Dawson

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