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      Almost nineteen years ago to the day, I was perched up the back of an old bus. In the North Eastern Thailand town of Nong Khai. I had crossed over the Friendship Bridge from Laos the day before and I was heading further south. To the very untouristy Thai town of Udon Thani.

      When the smiling old driver decided it was time to roll, we chugged out into the traffic. And the bus slowly growled up to highway speed.

      The old bus was pretty empty and I remember the wind starting to swirl around me through the open windows.

      Then I began a ritual I had been doing everyday, for the last couple of months.

      Without fail. I had not missed a day. Ever.

      I pulled out a small silver foil packet and prepared to pop the final anti malaria tablet of my trip.

      Everyday I had taken these things.

      My doctor back in Australia had drummed into me before I left. "You have to take the whole lot. Don't miss a day, and make sure you complete the whole course of tablets. Otherwise they might not be effective!"

      Now I really didn't like the sound of Malaria. And I was heading a long way off the beaten track at times.

      So I religiously took those pills every day. Without fail.

      Even though they sometimes made me feel a bit crook. And here I was, about to pop the very last one. Hallelujah!

      Now most people probably wouldn't think taking a tablet a day, was that much of an achievement. But as I pulled out that tatty ol packet, I remember feeling a little chuffed with myself. For doing so well.

      And then it happened.

      A gust of wind from the open windows, whooshed the packet straight out of my hand.

      And scooped it straight out the window. 

      I couldn't believe it!

      I jumped up in shock. Spinning around just in time to see it fly past the back window of the bus.

      There was that stupid silver foil. Flashing at me in the sun, as it bounced down the road.

      While the bus roared away in the opposite direction.

      I couldn't believe it. After all this time! I had been cheated.

      Denied the satisfaction of taking that last one. I'd been so good! It wasn't fair.

      Then I thought "oh no, what if I get Malaria because I didn't take them all".

      As I slumped back in my seat I noticed a few locals staring at me strangely. And I realised it probably wasn't the end of the world. I was probably being a little dramatic. Get over it I told myself. And I did. Eventually. But gee, did it annoy me for a while.

      Now there has been a bit of chatter this week, about the potential of some antimalarial drugs. To fight off the big CV. I'm no doctor. So I have no idea if it has merit. But it brought back memories of losing that last little white pill. And the frustration I felt.

      While I was day dreaming about this yesterday, it also occurred to me I have another little white gem. That you might be interested in.

      Before we closed up shop last week. There was one clear hot shoe, in our new Autumn/ Winter collection. Despite not being in the shops very long. We had already sold tonnes of them.

      I don't really know why? It is a bit of an unlikely super star. But there is just something about them that clicks when you put them on.

      If you would like to try something soft, white, and hard to get. (That isn't loo paper... or a pill) 

      Have a look at these.

      But first I have to warn you, the photos don't really do them justice. I can vouch for their comfort. But shoes with white and black are notoriously hard to photograph. So if you really want to feel their charm.

      You will have to try them on for yourself. Then you can see what all the fuss is about.

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      Yours in mighty whities,

      Serge Dawson