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      These boots are not your regular old, run of the mill, safe bet colour. Which will probably put a lot of people off. Maybe even you?

      "Too hard to match", you might say. 

      So I was sitting here this morning. Trying to think of all the colours, you could wear them with.

      But I figured, if I start telling you "oh you just have to paaaiir them with this...." 


      "They are just puurfect to wear with blah blah blah.." . I will probably just come off as sounding like a know-it-all numpty. And you wont believe me anyway. 

      Which got me thinking about an interview I did on my podcast. With Personal Stylist Jane Liddelow. 

      It seems that most people reach out to a stylist, when they have really had enough. The frustration of never really knowing "what to wear" boils over. They need help. And they finally decide to go looking for it.

      One of the things Jane said was a light bulb moment, for her clients. That helps them overcome their dislike of shopping. And frustration, of not really knowing what suites them. 

      Was understanding their own colours.

      Working out the colours that suit you, is one of the first things she does with a new client. Before even thinking about their wardrobe. 

      What colours work with your skin tone, your hair colour, your eyes. You.

      Once you know what colours compliment you, she said. you start to look at dressing with a whole new perspective. All of a sudden you have some clarity around why you feel good in some things, and not others. Why some things look good on you. And others not so much. 

      And why some people seem to be able to always look so effortlessly "put together". And why it can be such a battle for everyone else.

      When you realise that well dressed style queens "get" what colours work for them. And build their wardrobes around that. You are half way there. 

      I am no fashion stylist. And I have no idea what colours will work for you.

      But I can say that when you "do your colours". You might be surprised by the ones that actually look great on you.

      Make you feel brighter.

      Because there is always some colour. That you never really considered before. Not even thought you could, or would wear. And it might be a colour like these boots from Portugal.

      They are another colour combination, in our Best Selling boot Pedra5. 

      If you roll out your colour wheel. You might be surprised by what you could actually wear them with.

      You can buy them online now from our webstore. With free delivery.

      Here is the link:

      Yours "what colour is that?"
      Serge Dawson