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Since Corona Gate started, we have been selling a lot more shoes online. Which has meant I have been calling into my darkened stores. To collect some of the web sales.

Because I have been on the road. I have taken the opportunity, to do some of the web sale deliveries myself. And it seems I have "startled" a few people. Who were not expecting me to turn up on their doorstep. 

"I was just watching one of your videos." They say, with a slightly bewildered look on their face. "And now, here you are! That's a bit unexpected….".

So if I have freaked you out a bit? I apologise. I suppose having me turn up unannounced. Could be a bit of an odd experience.

As I carefully toss them their shoes (from a responsible distance of course). I have been noticing a common theme, amongst these clients. 

Even though they are cooped up at home. They all seem quite happy.

And they have all been, very nice. And grateful. 

Giving off lots of positive vibes. 

Good energy. 

Which is nice. 

It makes you feel good to talk to them. Even just for a moment. 

(Don't worry. I'm not hanging around gasbagging too long. So you do not have to go calling the cops on me for breaking the SD rules)

It has made me think though. About how simple it can be, to have a positive effect on people around you. 

They say what you give out, you get back in spades.

Well I would wager, the women I have been meeting on my drop offs. Are going to come through this shut down just fine. And if anything. They are probably giving strength to those around them. And will be rewarded. With good vibes coming back to them sometime. Just like they have given to me.

Keeping your chin up can be hard, when things are tough. But a great way to give yourself a boost. Is to do something nice for someone else. Even just a cheerful chat. Can make a real difference.

The funny thing about giving good vibes is. It can make you the giver. Feel just as good as the recipient.

Now if this all getting a bit woo woo for you. And you prefer your good feelings, a little more physical.

Something you can touch and feel?

Well you might like these uplifting little numbers from Portugal.

When you feel how comfy they are on your feet. You might just feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I even made a video for you. To give you a closer look.

So to see them for yourself. And grab yourself a pair, with free shipping.

Click here now...

Yours "Appreciating Nice People",
Serge Dawson

P.S. If you want to learn why this "little bit different" colour is worth your consideration? Watch the short video on the product page, to see why they might be worth trying on. 

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