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How about something to melt the ice

Put on a jumper, I used to berate my kids.

Stay warm! Do not get cold. Or you will get sick!

I was thinking about that, while I sat hunched up an ice bath on the weekend.

What is your attitude to the cold?

Love it? Hate it? 

After I discovered the eccentric Dutch man Wim Hof a few years ago. My whole attitude towards the cold flipped on its head. The "Ice Man" as Wim is known, has performed hundreds of crazy stunts in the cold.

He holds the world record for the longest swim under ice at 57.5m. Has climbed up to Mt Everest Base Camp in nothing but boots and shorts. And to celebrate his 61st birthday this year, he sat for 61 minutes in an ice bath.

His whole shtick is, exposing yourself to the cold can give you great health benefits. For your body. And your mind.

Well on the weekend, I had a chance to jump in my very first Ice Bath.

And it was a pretty cool experience (so to speak). Talk about invigorating!

I have been getting a buzz from cold showers for sometime. But Sitting in an Ice Bath, is a whole new level.

The exhilaration you feel afterwards is hard to describe. But I can see how people can get addicted to them. It is a pretty incredible experience.

You probably think it sounds crazy. I know I did for a long time. But what is really crazy, is how well your body is actually equipped to deal with extreme experiences like this.

It is capable of far more, than you might ever imagine. 

Extreme cold can certainly focus your mind. Shuts out all other distractions. You have to breathe calm and slow. And let your body do the rest. 

If all this cold talk is giving you goose bumps. You might prefer something to warm your cockles?

Well these bright, smile inducing, sandals from Spain, come in a happy colour to make you feel good. Warm your heart. Make you think of summer.

And the comfy platform sole, means you can have a height boost, without a big heel.

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Yours "just chill'n",

Serge Dawson

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