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An unlikely hero

There is a certain type of person, who thinks it is fun to climb up and 

down mountains.
They can head off into the bush for the day. Knowing full well they are 
likely to feel very unpleasant at some point.
What is it that makes them think that might be fun?
How do they leave home knowing there is a good chance, they are likely
to return in a worse state than they started?
Tired. Sore. Hot. Thirsty.
I met a whole heap of these odd balls over the weekend. While I was out
with my nine year old son Rocco.
Climbing some rather steep hills along the Great North Walk near Berowra.
Rocco and I went for an overnight hike into the scrub.
We camped out, by an unexpectedly crystal clear creek. Swam in its
rather freezing waters before sun down. And chased yabbies around it,
well into the night.
I am grateful that my kids like going off on crazy adventures like this.
It was Rocco's idea to head into the hills for the night. And he dragged
himself around with gusto.
Tackling the tough terrain like an unrelenting mountain goat. Just kept
on going.
Which meant we were able to experience some pretty cool country. And
meet some fellow wanderers on the way.
The other walkers we passed were an unlikely bunch.
There was your fair share of hardcore, got all the fancy gear, can't
stop to chat I'm on a mission types.
But there was also a few not so athletic, just out for a Sunday stroll,
let's have a chin wag trotters.
They had clearly thrown caution to the wind.
Decided to get out and experience some beautiful Aussie bush. And were
not going to get little things like 100 metre high hill climbs, get in
their way.
Despite not "looking the part", they were getting after it. Having a go.
A little like these tough, yet comfy slip ons from Relax.
From the feedback I have from my team, these shoes are an unlikely hero.
A little like my young toughy Rocco.
You will probably not gush over these shoes in lust. Secksy they are
Yet you would be hard pressed to find a more versatile, slip on, go
anywhere comfort shoe.
If you are the kind of person, who just likes to get after it. And is less worried
about how glamorous you look on the go.
You might like to give them a whirl.
Here is the link
Yours "just want to be like Grizzly Adams",
Serge Dawson



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