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What to wear with slim feet

If you are looking for something slim.

Something slender. Something un big.

Here is an option from Beautiful Brazil.

It is a little snug fitting slip on, that suits a narrower foot.

How narrow you might ask?

Well not as wide as some.

And not as skinny as others.

Lets face it. No matter what waffle I dream up. To try and explain how
slim they fit. It can only help you so much.

The only real way to know if these will work for you. Is for you to try
them on.

Which is why you can have FREE delivery from our web store. And you can
have a refund, if what you choose is not right.

Of course if you call into one of our stores, you get an added free

One of my team will give you some good old fashioned service. Take time
to help you.

Because they know all sorts of tips and techniques. That can help you
get a shoe to fit just right.

If you like the idea of a pair of slim fit slip ons, whooshing straight
to your door?

Just click this link now

Yours "narrow but nice",
Serge Dawson



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