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      How to keep your toes warm and dry this week


      Back in 1982 The Weather Girls belted out their famous chorus "its

      raining men, hallelujah its raining men"


      Well nothing that exciting is falling from the sky in Sydney this week.


      But plenty of rain certainly seems to be.


      It has been tumbling down with wet stuff all night at my house.


      When I look out my foggy window this morning. All the new green spring

      leaves on the trees, are water logged and heavy. Dragging the branches

      down. Fighting the gusty wet wind. That is trying to bounce them back up



      It looks like a wild winter day, out my window right now.


      Sandals, are not going to be a great choice for leaving the house.


      What if there was a shoe, that was built for weather like this?


      Puddle splashing, feet warming, cuddly cosines inducing....


      Well lucky for you, there is a family in Poland who have thought of just



      They make "Keep your toes dry. Perfect for this kind of weather" shoes

      like this....


      Light in colour, so you can wear them year round.


      Robust enough to keep you snug and dry.


      With a breathable wool lining. Which means you will stay comfy and warm.


      And because they have their own individual look. Are a little unique.


      People might gaze at you in envy. As they ponder their own cold toes

      this week.


      Some shoes are just made for bad weather.


      If you yearn for a pair? click here.....




      Yours "keeping you safe from a water logging",

      Serge Dawson