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Maybe it is just me? But I have discovered another positive of social distancing.

When you have to spreeeeaaaad out, queuing for a coffee. It is much easier to check out everyone's shoes now.

You can see who has nice shoes. And who has, well..... you know......

Of course your idea of "nice" and mine, might be completely different. After all, there seem to be a lot of people who actually think it is okay to wear Crocs in public.

But if you have slightly higher standards. And you prefer something warm and snazzy to wrap your feet in?

You might like to have a squize at these shiny, jazzy, lace up, gym bootishy little Italian numbers. The link is below.

Nice or Not? You decide.

If you need a roomy, generous fitting, comfortable boot. That you can pound around in all day. They are worth a closer look.

All our stores are open from 10am till 3pm today. So you can call in and try them yourself.

Or ......

If the big "shut in", has turned you into an online shopper? You can grab a pair online.

Of course the problem with taking the plunge and buying shoes online is....

You just never know, how they are going to fit!

And there is nothing worse than getting something you love delivered. Only to realise they just do not fit. (Well Ok there are probably much worse things than that. But it is still pretty annoying.)

So my team have come up with a new idea, that we thought might help you a little?

We have started recording some "how do these fit" audio descriptions for you. And we have posted these short recordings to our website.

SO if you are wondering how snazy boots like these Made In Italy, Pewter Ankle Boots will fit you?

Now you can read and listen to a short audio description.

Click this link to see for yourself. Then scroll to the bottom of the product page and press the arrow on the player to hear Karen's dulcet tones.

Yours "making shoes talk",

Serge Dawson

P.S. Now these are not slick, highly edited audio productions. So if you are expecting fancy, you are in for a shock. We just thought they might help you a little. To work out if something might work for you? We are adding more and more recordings this week. If there is a way we could make them more useful to you? Or you have any feedback? Let me know...

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