Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is copping a lot of flack lately. Apparently, she is nothing but a great, big, meanie. Not so funny after all.

It all started around the time she hosted her own show. From her house during lock down.

This is like being in jail is what it is,” DeGeneres joked. “Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay!”

Ohhh goodness! That set off a chorus of righteous indignation. How insensitive she was, social media howled. Even though she was having a joke at her own expense.

It led to all these people coming out in the press. Telling stories about what a mean, cold person they think she is.

Fellow celebrities. People who worked with her. Disgruntled fans. You name it. They are all coming out of the woodwork. Complaining about how mean she was, when their paths crossed.

Yet they don't seem to realise the irony of calling Ellen out. Berating her to anyone, who will give them a pulpit.

All the things they are saying are about her……..are, well......just a little bit mean as well.

They seem to think it is okay, to respond to a meanie. By being mean back.

Now I have no idea, if Ellen really is the great, big, meanie everyone says. Maybe she is? Who knows?

But what makes people want to call out things from the past? To humiliate her in public. Is that really how you show someone, how to be nice?

Maybe these complainers, are just unhappy themselves.

What causes people to be so cranky? Hold a grudge. Hang onto bad feelings. When someone does them wrong. It can seem they are walking around a perpetual state of discomfort, aggravation, and unhappiness.

Well one of big things that can cause a constant cranky state is.... sore feet. And of course, one of the biggest things that cause sore feet is.....dud shoes.

While I don't know what Ellen can do to fix this problem for herself?

I have an idea that might help some of the people, she is supposed to have upset.

Maybe a new pair of shoes might make them feel good? Cheer them up. Put a smile on their dial. Which might help them be nice to people. Instead of carrying on like a crank.

Shoes like these new Spanish little numbers from Pikolinos.

They are well-made, good quality, all that jazz. They might just make you feel good. Because their heel height is just right. High enough to give you a lift. But not so high, you can not run around.

Comfortable, well made. They might help you forget your troubles. Cheer you up a bit.

Here is the link. They are available online and in store now.

Yours "Mum always said, two wrongs, don't make a right",

Serge Dawson