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Not too dressy, not too casual, just right

Can you imagine a pair of "not too dressy, not too casual, just right" slip on trainers?
What if they had "do up once" then set and forget laces?
Picture this. You bend over to tie your laces one time. And never have to bother fluffing around with them ever again.
Whenever you want to wear them. You just slip on and go.
You might be wondering, what the seeeclet is?
Well, it is a cleaver little side zip.
And the proof they look good, comes from my wife Amy.
She has been powering around town in a pair of these lately.
Amy has zero tolerance for discomfort. If shoes are not "just right", no 
amount of persuasion from me will "encourage" her to wear them.
So if Amy says they feel great, I know I am onto a winner.
Part of the attraction with these seems to be they are a little
dressier, than your average sneaker. With out being over the top.
Of course you might say that Amy and I are a little biased. Of course we
would say they are great!
So do not take our word for it. Have a squize for yourself.
Or even better, take advantage of our FREE Australia wide shipping and try a
pair on yourself.
Just tap here now
Yours "snappy, springy, just right",
Serge Dawson



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