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A roomier choice for “anti skinny“ happy feet

Halt! Hang on a minute.
These are not for narrow tootsies.
If you have skinny feet? They wont work for you.
But if your feet are a little wider?
And you want something a little roomier?
Maybe a shoe with a bouncy spring. Nice padding underfoot. Comfort, to
make you go mmm.
You might like these slip ons from Portugal.
Soft but strong. With a spongy inner sole. They make a pretty good run
around shoe.
The smooth lining has holes to let your foot breathe. You might find
them purrrrfect for wearing between seasons. When you never know what
the weather will do.
You can choose between "nice navy is so hard to get" Navy or hot, bright
They are a little bit different. 
You can grab a pair of these "happy feet" making foot huggers right now.
If the thought of, well made, quality shoes from Portugal
sounds interesting?
Yours "showing the love to not narrow feet",
Serge Dawson


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