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How not to get walloped by this


The Honey Badger is at it again.


Last time we glimpsed his golden locks, he was breaking hearts on the TV

show the Butchelor.


Despite a dozen or so beautiful young women fighting for his affection.


He gave them all the cold shoulder. And took off alone.


Did not feel the "vibe" from any of them apparently.


Well one unlucky lady certainly got to feel the vibe from big Nick last



When he walloped her in the head, with a big gloved up paw.


Now you might wonder what on earth AFLW star Sabrina Frederick was even

doing?  Thinking it was a good idea to jump into a muddy ring with the

Boxer Badger.


I guess she did not figure he would give her such a hiding.


Seems like he did not hold back. So much for pulling your punches.


Obviously big Nick prefers dolling out hay makers. A lot more than

giving out roses.


I did not see the show. So I can not really comment on what went down.


But I do know there is an easier way to get your heart rate up. Than

jumping into a muddy ring with a Honey Badger. Like trying on these soft

and very Pink wedges from Spain.


Here is the link


Yours "If you see a Badger bop it first",




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