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What is soft, juicy and delicious. And won't stick to your face


When I was a kid, Hubba Bubba chewing gum was all the rage.

The ads on telly showed a couple of kid cowboys having a "gum" fight. 
On the street of an old western town.

Instead of seeing who had the quickest gun draw. These kid cowboys would
compete to see who could blow the biggest gum bubble.

Of course the winner was always Hubba Bubba boy. And when the large
bubble gum bubble would eventually burst. The line you would hear was
"And it won't stick to your face".

Quite a good feature, when a bubble explodes all over you is suppose.

Not that I ever had much personal experience with gum as a kid. My mum
was not a fan of the chew and blow bubbles look.

The closest I would get to gumming. Was the odd Bubble o Bill ice cream.
Which had a small piece of hard chewing gum for a nose. Unfortunately
there was nothing soft juicy or delicious about it.

More like hard, crunchy and tasteless.

But I would still try my best to chomp it up. And blow the biggest
bubbles I could. Just to see if I could join in the fun.

How would you like some soft, juicy and delicious action of your own?

Well you might like to try these lace ups from Portugal.

My clients tell me they tick the soft and juicy under foot box, quite
well. Comfy and easy to wear all day apparently.

Whether you think they look quite tasty? Is a matter of personal taste.

But I have so many happy clients that bang on about how happy they are
in them. There must be something it.

Click here to give them a whirl

Yours "yearning for soft, juicy and delicious"
Serge Dawson

P.S. And no, they wont stick to your face.

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