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How would you like a sugar free sweet treat

There is a farmers Market near my office in Hornsby every Thursday. With a stall that draws me in like a super charged magnet. Sucks me over. Does its darndest to bend my will.

I often call call by the markets to grab some fresh eggs from the Dous Juans (Two guys called Juan that sell their own eggs).

Near the egg men, there is an obstacle I usually try to dodge.

Out of all the market stands in the whole square. It is the only one I reallystruggle to walk past.

But it seems once you know how good something is. It becomes very hard
to ignore.

The object of my torment?

Portuguese Tarts.

That is all they sell.

Every time I see this stand, with all those little cups of Portuguese
divinity stacked high. I flash straight back to an overcrowded
patisserie in Lisbon Portugal.

I was there a few years back on a buying trip. On the hunt for some new
Portuguese brands. And I stumbled across this café overflowing with

Intrigued by the crowd I shouldered my way inside and ordered what the
locals seemed to be pilling up on. And that was when I experienced the
most delicious explosion of pleasure I had ever tasted.

A moist, warm, mouth watering, Portuguese Tart.

Quickly followed by another. And maybe just one more.

Boom. They were awesome!

And the closest I have come to replicating that experience. Is the home
made tarts at the Hornsby market.

I do not eat much sweet stuff these days. I am pretty good at turning my
nose up at most deserts. But these tasty treats are my weakness.

It is not just the taste that is divine. But also the memory it
triggers. Of that great trip in Portugal.

If you would like to experience Portugal from afar? Without the sugar
hit from a tart.

You might like to try these tasty morsels instead?

Some bright and cheerful Portuguese made wedges.

Perfect to wear when the weather is warming up.

If you would like to slip on something that will lift your spirits.
Brighten your day. Make you feel good.

Check out these Portuguese pretties here, sugar free

Yours "tarts are tops but shoes are healthier",
Serge Dawson

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