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Start with this rule for hassle free mornings


Do you ever wish you had someone to help you get dressed? Tell you what

to wear each day.


So you do not have to stand in front of your wardrobe in wonder. Waiting

for inspiration to strike. Racking your brain for "what to wear!"


Imagine you had someone to crawl through your closet. Search through

your shoe stack.


Someone to whip out the "perfect" get up for you each morning.


Now in case you are wondering, I am not able to call by and glam you up. But I do have something that might help you.


A hot tip. An important dressing rule.


That is.... great outfits start at your feet.


If your shoes feel comfy, and look smart. You are halfway to building a

snazzy outfit.


And what better than a soft, smart "tran-seasonal" shoe, like this comfy

little boot from Spain.


White, light and easy to wear.



With free shipping and refunds if not right. You might like to give them

a try.


If you would like to check out these mighty whites?


Click here


Yours "starting at your toes and working up",

Serge Dawson




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