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What if your heartache could help others

When things are tough, it can be hard to look on the bright side of
life. But what if your heartache could help others?

If you have ever wondered how you could leave a positive mark on the
world? You might be interested in the story of James Freeman.

James is a do his own thing, keep to himself kind of guy. Who
has managed to impact thousands of peoples lives. In a beautiful way.

It all started with tragedy in his family.

James lost both his parents to Cancer. Within 12 months of each other.

He was so wrecked with grief and anger, that he wanted to channel his
energy into something positive.

So he came up with a crazy idea.

To get a bunch of people together in old bomby cars. And spend a week
driving around the outback. To raise money for Cancer Research.

He had just one rule.

You could only spend $1000 on a car. So the "Sh*box Rally" was born.

The rally has since grown into the largest community based fundraiser
for the Cancer Council. Raising many millions of dollars every year for
the Cancer fight.

I was lucky to join the rally in its early days. And to take part for
seven years. First as a participant, and latter as a support crew.

Every year the Rally takes hundreds of people. Loaded into hundreds of
cars (that really should not make it). Across a roughly 3500 km route,
through outback Australia.

Each team has to raise money in advance. And the challenge is to make it
through the rough bush tracks in your old rattler.

With just seven days to complete the Rally route. A lot of cars do not

The idea is to have fun, share an adventure and fund-raise with a twist.

Many sponsors over the years have not wanted to associate with the event
because of it's "rude" name. But James has refused to change it.
Believing it's cheeky title is meant to raise a smile (and eye brows).
To get attention for a greater good.

From sadness and pain. The rally has bought joy, happiness and money to
a good cause.

Which just goes to show. Great things, can come from unexpected places.
And taking the first step. Can lead you in a new direction you never

If you would like a little help, to build up your own armour. For a new
challenge in front of you.

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Yours "Cheering for Sh*box Rally",
Serge Dawson


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