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How to feel a Spanish vibe

One of the great things about getting older.


Is you have seen more. Lived more.


Which probably means, you have laughed more. Hurt more. Got over more.


It might also mean, when things go pear shaped in your life.


Well..... you have be there, done that. You know that bad times, do not

last forever.


The good and the bad, come and go.


When I think about the happiest people I know, It is not because they

have no drama in their life.


They just seem to roll with it. Work with what they have. And do not

stress about what they can not change.


They just focus on what they can.


I buy a lot of shoes from Spain. In my experience the Spanish are pretty

warm, generous people. And many of the Spaniards I know, have seen their

fair share of hard times. Right now over there, is no different.


But hard working they are.


You might think this sounds corny. But a lot of love and positive energy

goes into their shoes.


All of the Spanish factories we buy from are family run. Even some of

the biggest and boldest Spanish brands, are still family owned and



I like to think that when you slip on a pair of shoes from the land of

paella. You feel a little of their Spanish vibe.


The positive energy they bring to their craft.


How would like to feel a little European summer love?


Well you might like to try these wedge sandals by Jordana.


Made in Spain just for you.


What with travel restrictions, they are the closest you will probably

get to a Spaniard right now.


So click on the link here to feel the joy




Serge Dawson



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