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The world's hottest gran reveals a tip for you


How would you like a secret to youthful looks? From the world's hottest



According to the news this week 49 year old Gold Coast Granny Gina Stewart, has been rated the worlds hottest Nan.


Greatest granny.


With a gazillion social media followers, Gina is instafamous for her racy swimsuit pics.


And she has just revealed a secret to her hot, hot looks.


This Gorgeous Gran has regular "chillin" sessions in the freezing cold.


A few times a week she jumps into a cryotherapy chamber for 3 minutes. And blasts herself with nitrogen mist.


Giving her a serious chill down of her body.


The cold blast is meant to be great for muscle repair, skin rejuvenation and burning calories.


Granny Gina swears it is the secret to her youthful good looks.


Now you might wonder what this has to do with shoes?


Well nothing really.


Accept I have been having regular "ice" cold showers myself for a while now.


Which is why this story caught my eye.


While a cold shower is not quite the same as a cryotherapy blast.


I can vouch for how great a little cool therapy can make you feel.


Gets your heart pumping. Your blood flowing.


And there seems to be a growing body of scientific evidence, that controlled exposure to cold can be very good for you.


I am no doctor, so do not take my word for it.  And do not go jumping into an ice bath, without doing a little research of you own.


But what I do know is this.


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Yours "it is cool to be cold",


Serge Dawson


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