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What is nifty, nice and not so common

What has comfy support? Gives you a lift. Looks good. And comes in Navy?

No, I am not talking about the snazzy blue Range Rover of Australia Posts beleaguered CEO Christine Holgate.

Her shiny blue wheels have been in the news this week.

Which got me thinking about all the requests I seem to get, for more
navy shoes.

Never enough, navy lovers berate me.

Well here is some good news.

I have taken inspiration from the Chief Postie gift giver, and splashed
out on something nice for you.

How about some nice navy wedges, just for you. (Sorry no watches.)

If you yearn for some Made in Portugal nifty navy shoes?

Click here now

Yours "Move over Cartier, bring on blue shoes"
Serge Dawson



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