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You might want to throw your knickers at these

Back in the late 1960's Tom Jones used to croon.... "What's new

pussycat? Whoa, Whoa, Whooooa, Whoa, oooh."


For some peculiar reason (that I am definitely not qualified to explain).


Some of his more excitable audience members. Liked to whip off their



And fling them through the air.


It must take a certain amount of lusty excitement.


For someone to drop their undies. Scrunch them into a ball. And hurl

them onstage.


I can not help but wonder? How drafty it must have been for them on the

trip home.


But I digress.


If Welsh crooners are not really your thing. How would you still like to

know "what's new pussycat"?


Well good news. We have just got a whole stack of new season of shoes

delivered for you.


And what better way to get your heart pounding (while still keeping your

duds on). Than a nice new pair of "hello yellow" sandals.


They are not available in all stores. So if they get your heart a

flutter. You can grab a pair online now.


Here is the link


Yours "no knickers please"

Serge Dawson

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