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      What a Diva Might Wear

      When Welsh Diva Shirley Bassey was a teenager. All she wanted to do was travel.

      Get out of Cardiff. See the world.

      She never imagined singing, would be her spring board.

      After dropping out of school at 14, she scored her first serious gig two years latter.

      A role in a touring review called Memories Of Al Jolson.

      It was the beginning of her take off.

      Before long, she was touring England in numerous other shows.

      Then releasing her own tunes.

      And in 1964, her famous theme song for 007 "Goldfinger".

      Now she was taking on the world.

      Shirley has had her share of rough spots.

      Knock backs and drama in her life.

      But she has never given up. Never wavered from her own style.

      When she lets rip. You can not help but feel her power shine through.

      She is famous, for giving her all.

      As a certified Diva. Shirley has always been adventurous with her dress.

      After all, you need special get ups, to match a special voice.

      But what would she wear off stage?

      Away from the glare. The bright lights.

      Well these days she lives in Monte Carlo.

      Can you imagine her dashing through the streets in Winter?

      Jumping puddles. Landing deftly on the slippery stone side walk.

      What would she be wearing?

      Could it be these snazzy boots from Remonte?

      I have no idea if they are Shirley's taste.

      But if you like something a little fun. Uplifting. A little snazzy.

      A little like Shirley.

      You might like to give them a try.

      Here is the link

      Yours "Even Diva's need comfy shoes sometimes",

      Serge Dawson