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      Late yesterday morning I was standing on Caves Beach, just south of Newcastle.

      Watching a speedy pod of eleven Dolphins, go absolutely nuts.

      I had just come out of the water. After an invigorating dip.

      As I stood on the beach. Looking back to where I had just left the surf.

      I watched these supercharged fish, powering towards a small group of swimmers.

      And straight for my eight year old son Rocco.

      These big fish were on a mission.

      They swooshed past Rocco within inches.

      Almost knocking another young kid off his surfboard. As they flew underneath him.

      They were flying.

      Zipping through the waves at full throttle.

      I have been lucky to see my share of Dolphins in the wild over the years.

      But I have never seen them swim with such speed and purpose.

      Directly through a pod of floating humans like that.

      When Rocco came bounding out of the water afterwards. He was excited by his close encounter.

      He said while his head was under water, as he was diving under the breaking surf.

      He could hear the Dolphins calling out to each other.

      Making that strange high pitched "dolphin speak" sound.

      Now you can not really plan to have an experience like that.

      You are just plain lucky, if it turns up in your lap.

      It is easy to stay home, cooped up during winter.

      When it is cool outside. The beach is not an obvious choice.

      But when you throw sensible to the wind.

      You might be surprised. By the unexpected experiences you can have.

      And how good they can make you feel.

      A bit like these stretchy, unorthodox boots from Nu by Neo.

      Imagine slipping on a pair of soft, warm, stretchy socks.

      That have a built in heel.

      Sound a little strange?

      Well if you only ever wear flats, they might. But if you want something dressy, yet still comfy.

      You might like to give these a whirl.

      They slip on like a glove. And look good to boot.

      Now of course I would say that. I am biased after all.

      So do not take my word for it.

      Try them yourself.

      Click the link now

      Yours "doing it different in Winter",

      Serge Dawson