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Something strange was happening on the streets yesterday. A few of my team noticed, and mentioned it to me on the phone.

There were all these women, getting around in their slippers. Ugg boots. House shoes. That sort of thing. I have no idea why?

Maybe these poor souls had cold feet?

Maybe they were that desperate for comfort? That they thought it was fine to run down to the shops, in their "bedroom" shoes.

Are you at the end of your tether?

So desperate for warm and comfy shoes, that you are contemplating hitting the shops in your slippers?

Well you might like to check out these?

Sexy, sleek, svelte, boots they are not. If that is your thing? You will probably hate them. So do not even bother to click the link below. Just stop reading, and move along.

But if you have wider feet. If your tootsies yearn for something snug and warm?

Comfortable and really well made. You know, the kind of boots you will have for years. Made with quality that will last.

Well you might like to try these woolly lined foot huggers....

Tough and robust, they are made for pounding the pavement. You can treat them mean and they will stay keen.

They are hand made in Poland.

Now Poland is not exactly the trend setting, fashion design capital of the world. But it is known for its tough, no nonsense, cold feet hating fuss pots.

They have about as much tolerance for winter boots, that are not warm and weatherproof. As Tweety Trump has for the Twitter fact checking department.

Be warm. Or be gone.

The only lusty looks these boots are likely to attract. Are from jealous women thinking "oh I wish I could have a pair of warm and snazzy boots like that!"

Of course they might not be your taste. But you will never really know, if you do not try them on. They look a lot better on than off,

Click here to do it now

Yours in wool,

Serge Dawson

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