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      What Would Shirley Say

      They say a leopard, can not change their spots.

      And you might ask, why would they?

      As Shirley Bassey liked to sing, "I AM, WHAT I AM!"

      Long before Dame Bassey achieved dizzying success as a singer. She was a youngster, growing up around Cardiff Wales.

      People began to notice her strong voice from a young age, but gave the her little encouragement "...everyone told me to shut up. Even in the school choir the teacher kept telling me to back off till I was singing in the corridor!" she used to say.

      Fortunately, she was not put off by the negative naysayers.

      She went on to carve out a stellar carer, as a wonderful warbler.

      Famous for her confidence in belting out powerful ballads.

      To the joy of millions.

      And she was also a bit of a fashion bombshell. She always seemed to embrace wearing "different" things.

      So it was not just her voice, that helped her stand out from the crowd.

      Now I have no idea if Shirley would like these trainers from Remonte?

      They are a little bit wild.

      If you like shoes to give you a lift. Help you feel powerful. Energised.

      Make you feel good.

      You might like to slip into these?

      With a cheeky side zip. That makes slipping on and off a breeze.

      They have comfort, to match their good looks.

      And because they are made by Remonte, they will last you for yonks and yonks.

      They are quality. Just like Shirl.

      So if you would like a little animal in your life?

      Shoes to make you go grrr....

      You might like to follow Shirley's lead.

      Go for something strong.

      Click here to try for yourself

      Yours "there is nothing like a Dame",

      Serge Dawson