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      You Can Finally Stop Blaming Your Legs For This

      Do you feel the sting of frustration? When you can not zip up, a pair of long boots.
      Have tall boots, knee high boots, long boots, always seemed to evade you?
      If you have never been able to zip, the stewpid things up?
      Well you might like this secret sauce.
      It is a hot tip. That might actually get you white hot with rage. When you realise all the long boots you could have worn. If someone had only showed you this long ago.
      You can finally stop blaming your legs.
      Or the cut of boots themselves.
      I have a simple solution. That works for 91% of clients we try it for.
      It might not work for you. I can not promise anything.
      But trying is free. And it works for far more women, that is does not.
      Now you might end up like some of our clients?
      They start off thrilled. Yes!.... they can finale do up a pair of long boots.
      And then get annoyed. Angry. That no one has ever showed them this tip before.
      It seems so simple once you know. It means you can wear so many more things. Than you ever imagined.
      It is hard to explain what I am talking about. You really have to demonstrate it in person.
      So if you are longing for long boots?
      Call into one of our stores this week.
      My team will show you this neat tip. That has enabled hordes of our clients. To wear long boots. When they did  not think they would be able to zip them up.
      There is no gimmick. No secret gadget to use.
      Just a specific technique. That once you know. Will change your choices. And open up a world of long boots to you.
      If you are looking for a nice boot to try. Consider these nifty numbers from Neo.
      They have a stretchy back panel. That will mould to you leg.
      But do not worry. That is not the helpful hint I am talking about. In case you are wondering? The "zip me up" tip. Will work on all leather boots. Not just ones with a stretchy panel.
      With free delivery Australia wide. These Neo's might be worth a squiz.
      Yours "yes long boots and well developed calves can go together",
      Serge Dawson