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      You might feel like swinging from the trees in these

      If you have ever wondered how to keep a flock of 13 year old girls entertained? I have an unlikely answer.

      Put them up a tree.

      I spent Sunday afternoon with a bunch of tweenagers. Swinging from the tree tops of Cumberland State Forest.

      My daughter Zoe had a gang of her friends, celebrating her recent birthday. And we were out on a high ropes course for the day.

      These gung ho girls climbed, swung, bounced and zip lined.

      From tree top to tree top.

      All afternoon.

      It was like their own "bush" ninja warrior course.

      And not a place for the height phobic!

      If you prefer your feet firmly planted on the ground. You would not have enjoyed it one bit.

      Instead you might like to try these leather printed boots from Spain.

      With a comfy, supportive wedge. And a unique printed upper.

      They will give you a lift. While keeping you firmly planted on the ground.

      The patterned print, dresses them up a little. And might give your outfit a little zing.

      While still being understated. Subtle. Smooth.

      And keeping you close enough to terra firma. To be comfy all day.

      Click here for the link

      Yours "giving your outfit a bit of zing",

      Serge Dawson