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Look at moy, look at moooyyy...

Kath & Kim are back.

We turned the telly on in our house this week. And caught up with re runs of the first Kath & Kim season, with our kids.

To say they were a little bewildered by the whole show, would be an understatement.

From what I have heard, quite a few other parents were making their kids watch as well. With equally confused results.

I guess kids today might find it hard to relate. With all the strange gags, fruity jokes and eighties inspired fashion.

I always loved Kath though.

She was never backward in her fashion choices. Always quick to jump on a new trend.

Never afraid to try new ways to express her "unique" personality.

As she liked to say... "I'm really discovering who I am and I like what I'm finding."

I do not think she would have liked these shoes, I have for you today though.

Probably not out there enough for Kath.

But if you want something a little smart?

Something noice, different, unusual.

Well some of my team have been raving about these heels from Peter Kaiser.

They say they do not look like much on the shelf.

But when you slip them on, they say they cover your foot really nicely.

And they are comfortable.

Give you great support and all that.

And the Navy and Black combo looks great. Or so they say.

If you need something a little smart for work? Or you have a dressier occasion coming up?

You are welcome to call in and try a pair on.

Or grab a pair online.

Here is the link

Yours "these are the bees knees",

Serge Dawson

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