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You Might Not Want To Wear This But It Might Help You Anyway

If you have been watching the new season of "The Voice". You might have seen 16 year old Adam Ludewig.

He sports a very impressive Mullet hair do. And his passionate performances have woo'd the crowd and the judges.

Adam comes across as a down to earth, genuine, likeable Aussie kid. And his no fuss attitude is winning him a lot of affection. Helped in no small part, by his very impressive hair.

The Mullet seems to divide opinion. You either love it or loathe it.

Most people seem to find them a little ridiculous.

But those brave (or blind) folk who love to rock them. Know the key to pulling off a Mullet, is to fully commit to it. And wear it with pride. Just like Adam.

With most of his head closely shaved. He has a boofy, flowing mane, cascading from the back of his noggin down to his shoulders. Paired with a smile that seems to light up a room. And his booming voice. He is making the Mullet "beaut" again.

A favourite way to describe a Mullet hairdo is, "business up the front and a party down the back".

A little like these boots from Sempre Di.

The "business end" is a soft suede front, that will wrap around you and hug your foot. No annoying seams or stitching to rub the wrong way. Just one soft piece of leather, to make you feel good.

And the "party end" down the back is a black patent panel. It gives the boots a lift, a little zing, dresses them up a bit with a little "party patent".

The natural coloured leather out sole,seems to soften the black, and helps make them a tidy little package.

Just like Adams mullet, this combo seems to work really well.

Business up the front, party down the back.

Click here to try for yourself

Yours "for the love of mullets",

Serge Dawson

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