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First thing last Saturday morning, I hopped on a zoom meeting with my team.

And something funny jumped out at us straight away.

Everyone had something red on. Which we all had a laugh about.

Because of course, not everyone likes red. In fact you might hate wearing it.

They say a leopard, can not change their spots.

And you might ask, why would they?

As Shirley Bassey liked to sing, "I AM, WHAT I AM!"

Long before Dame Bassey achieved dizzying success as a singer. She was a youngster, growing up around Cardiff Wales.

One of the problems with getting fit.

Buffing your bod. Working your wonky bits.

Is you can really muck up your wardrobe.

It is all well and good to pop off to Pilates.

Bop into Boot Camp. Or swing into Spin Class.

Do you feel the sting of frustration? When you can not zip up, a pair of long boots.
Have tall boots, knee high boots, long boots, always seemed to evade you?
If you have never been able to zip, the stewpid things up?
Well you might like this secret sauce.

What does one of the oldest shoe makers in the world, still get right?

They never compromise on quality. Ever.

If you visit the Peter Kaiser shoe factory in Pirmasens Germany. The first thing you notice is how spotless the everything is.

The whole place is more like a flash showroom. Than a hub for making things.

Bright as a button. Neat as a pin.

Look at moy, look at moooyyy...

Kath & Kim are back.

We turned the telly on in our house this week. And caught up with re runs of the first Kath & Kim season, with our kids.

To say they were a little bewildered by the whole show, would be an understatement.

From what I have heard, quite a few other parents were making their kids watch as well. With equally confused results.

Late yesterday morning I was standing on Caves Beach, just south of Newcastle.

Watching a speedy pod of eleven Dolphins, go absolutely nuts.

I had just come out of the water. After an invigorating dip.

As I stood on the beach. Looking back to where I had just left the surf.

I watched these supercharged fish, powering towards a small group of swimmers.

I was standing by the counter in one of my stores last week, talking with a client.

She had just bought a pair of boots, she really loved. And was telling me what an unexpected find they were. How excited she was to wear them.

It got me thinking. How do some women have such success shopping for shoes?  

You might finding hunting down the right pair, a frustrating, time consuming hassle?

If you are chomping at the bit, for a chance to get out? Reconnect with your friends. Your special buddies.

With restrictions easing, you finally have an excuse. To catch up in person. And to get dressed up again, when you leave the house.

After so long in comfort clobber. Would it be nice to put on some "stepping out" gear?

Imagine this.... You arrive at your "get the girls together" catch up. In the same ol comfort gear, you slip on every day.

One of the problems, with red hot, smoken lurve. Is you need a little time, to make it happen.

You can not rush it. You need patience. And persistence.

A bit like boiling your morning cuppa. You need a few moments, to make the steam.

What if there was a easier way. A quicker alternative. A time saving hack?

When "50 shades of grey" sounds like to much work.  How about "50 shades of one"?

Since reopening our stores in May. I have been holding a regular morning, zoom meeting. To connect with my team, and kick off the day.

Something I have been asking everyone each morning is, what are they wearing on their feet?

And more importantly, what made them choose those to wear?

How many voices, do your really need to hear?

One way to decrease your stress and anxiety. And boost your happiness and contentness.

Is to ruthlessly curate, what you let into your life.

If you spurn the negative, push out the mean, and kick complainers to the kerb. You might feel more in control. Happier. Stronger. More content. And more empowered.

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