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How would you like to join a successful, forward thinking family business?

One that’s always striving to find great, NEW product (from all over the world) and provide genuine, personal service.

We have numerous roles from warehouse to graphic design, sales positions and store manager roles.

*Update 4th June 2019*
We currently have a Store Manager position available in our St Ives Store.
Click on this link to apply.

Are you an experienced sales person?
Do you have experience leading and mentoring a successful team?
Maybe you've realised corporate life is not where your heart is. And you’re thinking about a change?
Have you decided you don't want to work with just another big, corporate chain?
Would you just like to work with nice people?
And have customers that are genuinely happy to talk to you?

We're a business that's a little different.
It's not just the one off, unique shoes and bags we carry. (Did you know we scour Europe, trying to find really different and individual pieces, that you won't find elsewhere?)
We have customers who've shopped with us for decades.
But it’s not like they don't have plenty of other choices!
So why do they keep coming back?
And how have we survived, almost 50 years in retail?

Your probably thinking its the unique range we carry.
But you’d be wrong.
We'll ok that's part of it, but the real secret is something else.....
Our customers keep coming back, year after year, because our team try harder.
They try harder, to help people find things they'll love.
And they do that because they care.

But we're not talking about insincere "fake" caring.
Our idea of caring is, going out to the stock room for "just one more look" in case you missed something.
That's despite the fact, you've already bought out half the shop for a customer to try on.
It's not giving up, when a customer becomes disheartened because she can't find what she wants.
It’s feeling the joy when the last pair you show her, lights up her face and she says "now where did you find those?"
And the best thing is, when the pair she loves is completely different to what she came in for!

Our customers really appreciate that caring service.
And it’s a big part of why we've thrived for so long.
They'll appreciate you to, if you come and work with us.
If you get that great service simply starts with being nice and caring, we'd like to hear from you.

Now we're not all peace, love and mung beans.
For our sales related roles, we do need people that have selling experience of some kind.
And understand we're running a progressive, professional, forward thinking company.

So if you want a role, doing something you really enjoy?
While leaving a positive, lasting impression on those around you?
Send us an email now and apply.

Please include a message, telling us why you're interested,
which location you're interested in and a copy of your resume.

*Important Note*
We don’t always have positions available.
But you’ll never know, unless you drop us a line to introduce yourself.
If we don’t have anything right now, we’ll keep in touch and let you know if something comes available.