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      Exchange Products in Store

      Do you live or work near one of our stores?

      You can return your purchase to any of our stores and either swap sizes or exchange for something else.

      If you purchased online you can also choose to have a refund for either the full amount or just the balance thats owed to you, after the exchange.

      If you'd like to exchange instore, send us an email to

      Tell us which store you'd like to exchange at and what you'd like to do?

      That way we can make sure the item you want to swap for, is there waiting when you arrive.

      Once, the store has been informed of your request, they will give you a call to confirm that they have the product in the size and colour required.

      You will be able to get the details of the product from your receipt.

      Please also make sure you bring the receipt with you to the store, when you are exchanging the product.

      We will let you know once the new item you want to try, are avaliable and on hold in the store for you.