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      Product Care


      A little time spent loving your shoes will mean they will last longer and look better, giving you better wear out of every purchase.

      * It is a great idea to store your shoes in their boxes and use the tissue (packaging) that comes with them to re-wrap them. We call this "putting the baby to bed" and it keeps them happy! And protected.
      You'll protect them from getting marked in your cupboard, getting dusty and getting squashed out of shape.
      Some shoes and hand bags come with soft, cloth storage bags and they are very useful for protecting stored items.

      * We also suggest that you use a product called Water & Stain which is a waterproofer spray.
      This can be used on all smooth leathers, suede, nubuck and satin/canvas/fabrics. It helps to repel water, dirt, grease and grime.
      It also protects against moisture.
      It should be applied to a clean item by holding the Waterproofer about 20cm away from the shoe and giving the whole shoe a light spray.
      Leave the item to dry and then repeat the process.
      This product will allow the leather to breathe and not discolour and is great for colour fasting bright colours.

      * Leather conditioner is another great product that will significantly prolong the life of your leather shoes and bags.
      This product cleans and conditions your leather as you would your hands. To obtain the best results, we suggest using it in conjunction with the waterproofer, on a regular basis.